Multi-Purpose Hall


Project designed in collaboration with CEISSAN Architecture agency.

Main view


The competition concerns the construction of a multi-purpose hall in Prégny-Chambésy near Geneva (Switzerland). The Hall, by its location, takes a clear position in relation to the intention of the city to define a new central square.

The ground floor is designed in interaction with its environment. To the east of the square, unfolds the bar of the fireplace on the entire facade, to activate the square and monitor. Glazed, the space is heated in the morning ready for use from noon in winter and can open on the square in summer.

In the Northeast, a double facade serves as a heat buffer to the Hall. Being able to open completely on the school yard, it serves as foyer in winter and covered space in summer. The communal hall can open itself completely on this space which serves as an intermediary for the dialogue court-hall communal. In summer, the total opening of the two facades allows the organization of large events.

In the North-West a massive stone allows to isolate the room, overheating in the evening in summer and the north wind in winter. And in the South West a stone wall protects the communal hall from traffic noises and at the top of the slits in the roof that folds, allow to penetrate the sun of the south when desired.

Longitudinal section
Ground floor
Modular scene

Modularity of the stage for any type of event

  1. Scene folded in separative piece of furniture with backstage.

  2. Vertical retractable stage, turned 90° for the concerts, allowing the public to extend outside towards the court.

  3. Transposable stage to maximize the hall's configurations, creating a large backstage space for outdoor theater.